Safely Installing a Car Seat


Car seats should be placed in the center rear seat, this is the safest position. The safest type of seat is one which faces to the rear of the vehicle. Also never place a car seat that faces to the rear in the front seat if it has a side airbag. Make sure it is firmly on the seat so that your baby does not flop around in the seat. After 12 months of age AND 20 lbs you should use a front facing seat, and still place it in the rear center seat.

Car Seats


Take a look at your vehicle manual to find all options for installing a seat. Always use the LATCH system on your car if you have it, if your vehicle was made after September 1st 2002 it will have the system. For frontward facing seats ensure the back of the seat is firmly placed against the back of the actual vehicle seat. Next place cars seat belts through the right slots on the car seat, this is a very crucial step in ensuring your baby’s safety. Pull the belt until there is not slack, buckle the belt and make sure the belt is locked by tugging it hardly. Try to move the seat around front to back, side to side. If there is little to no movement you installed it correctly, if there is a lot of movement undo it completely and re-try it

Use of the Car Seat Properly

Make sure your baby is properly seated in the seat. Buckle him/her in and tighten down the straps. Make sure that all of the straps are flat, and not twisted and tangled. Pull on the straps to ensure they are locked into place. The baby seat should be checked before every trip to ensure it is still tight and firm. If you are still not sure take a trip to your local police station, and ask. Most city police stations will also give classes periodically on proper installation of seats.

Installing a car seat isn’t hard to do, but does take patience and practice. If you feel like it can move too easily or isn’t installed perfectly, I recommend getting it checking out by a police or fire station!

Safely Installing a Car Seat

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