Dog Seat Covers – Protect Your Vehicle Investment

Your dog loves to take trips in your car, but you are concerned about the mess left on the upholstery. A dog car seat cover will solve the problem of protecting your vehicle and providing your dog with a safer ride at the same time.

A dog seat cover will protect your vehicle from the mud or grass that will inevitably be tracked onto automobile upholstery when you take your dog for a ride. They are also designed to eliminate the problem of having your seats scuffed from sharp paws and holes from chewing. You will never again have to worry about the stains left from saliva or that occasional accident that will ruin your trip.

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Most of the dog car seat covers available are 100% waterproof guaranteeing your car interior is going to remain as pristine as it was when brand new. If they are not waterproof, you should choose a cover that at a minimum is treated with some form of stain block so it also remains looking clean for it’s life.

The biggest side benefit from a dog car seat cover is the additional safety for your pet as you travel. The cover provides a slip free ride for your dog. They ensure your dog will stay where it is and not slide off whenever you hit the brakes.

A pet car seat cover is easily installed and removed in case you do not need it on a permanent basis. They suspend from the headrest protecting both the cushion and the back. Most have multiple attachment points and adjustable straps to keep the cover firmly in place in any vehicle with headrests.

If your dog prefers to ride in the front with you, there are dog car seat covers available designed to fit a single bucket. This way they can act as your co-pilot as you both have a good view through the windshield. There is also a particular style of dog car cover referred to as a “hammock style” that offers the most protection of all. This cover extends to the seat in front of the one on which it is installed. This keeps not only the one on which it is installed clean, but also the entire floor area between them and protects the backs of the one in front.

Regardless of which dog car seat cover you prefer, you can rest assure that you are protecting the investment you have made in your vehicle while providing your dog a secure place for them to enjoy their ride.

Dog Seat Covers – Protect Your Vehicle Investment

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