Lightweight Portable Car Booster Seats For Travel

If you are planning a trip with kids you have probably been wondering how exactly you can easily carry their car seats from one place to another. If your travels involve taxis, airports or the like then ease of portability is the name of the game. While car seats are a very important safety device and vacations are no different, it is true that it can be difficult to tote them around with you.

Fortunately there are some tips to follow and seats to choose that make this a bit easier on travel weary parents. Read on to learn more about getting an easily portable car booster seat for your trip and how to make taking it with you less of a hassle.

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Consider a Back Carrier

No, not for carrying your child – for carrying the seat, silly! You can find straps that secure your car seat and work like a backpack to allow you to carry it on your back. These are particularly handy for situations where you can not avoid the use of a heaver seat (such as with younger kids). Finding one of these can be tricky – shopping online is often a better idea than trying to find one at a local store.

It’s Easier With Kids 40 lbs and Up…

If you child is 40lbs or larger, you are in luck. The smallest backless booster seats are appropriate for kids of this size and they are the lightest to carry around as well. These seats use the cars own belt and merely lift the child to the recommended height for safety. Most ordinary backless boosters weight only 5lbs and are not much bigger than a phone book making them easy to carry through airports and in and out of taxis.

Rentals Can Be an Option

Did you know that you can rent car seats as well as many other items at many major cities and most auto rental outlets? This option can be a smart choice because you avoid lugging around extra baggage. Be sure to ask questions and check to make sure the seats are clean and inquire about recalls when reserving your rental.

Lightweight Portable Car Booster Seats For Travel

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