Dog Seat Belts – Does Your Car Have One?

In this day and age it has become second nature to get into your car and immediately put on your safety belt. It’s the law in most countries, although really, it’s just common sense that you should wear a seat belt. But what about your dog? In the event of an accident, if your car isn’t fitted with dog seat belts then expect the worst.

Many countries around the world have graphic advertisements on TV showing what happens to people not wearing seat belts during a car crash. How long will it be before they start showing what happens to your pet in the same type of accident?

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Making sure that your car is fitted with dog safety belts is the only real way to protect your pet while travelling in a car. Some people may tell you that putting your dog in a travel compartment is just as safe. This simply isn’t true.

In a crash, your car comes to an abrupt halt. If the car crashes at 40 mph, your dog will be smashed into the front of the travel compartment at the equivalent speed, more often than not resulting in fatal injuries. I think you’ll agree, this really is a sickening thought.

A dog seat belt on the other hand, that is fitted to match your specific breed of dog will save your dog’s life and prevent any serious injury in the event of a crash.

Most people love their dogs as if they were people yet it still surprises me that so many owners fail to consider what would happen to their beloved dog if their car were involved in a serious crash.

Dog safety belts are relatively inexpensive and easily fitted so there is no excuse not to have one. Some countries have already made it law that dogs must wear safety belts and it is only a matter of time before other countries follow suit.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Dog seat belts save lives so the sooner you get one the better. Your furry friend needs to wear a safety belt just as much as you do.

Dog Seat Belts – Does Your Car Have One?

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