How to Install a Car Seat Properly

The main reason car seats are so hard to install is the wide variety of cars and car seats. There are so many choices that even if you know how to install the safety seat in one car, you may install it wrong in another.

Follow these guidelines and you will get the installation right every time:

Car Seats

o Make sure you buy the right car seat for your child. For example, each safety seat should have a user’s manual and a guide that tells the parent the maximum weight for the car seat. Use this guide to choose the right seat.

o Find a convenient spot in the rear of your car to install the seat. The middle rear seat is usually the safest, but some cars do not have latches in the middle. Never install a car seat in the front seats.

Installing the rear facing infant seat (latch install):

1. Take the clips from the car seat’s base and clip them to the anchors buried between the back and seat cushion.

2. Pull the straps tight and make sure the seat is level. Some child seats come with a meter on the side to tell you whether it is level or not.

3. You’re done!

Installing the rear facing infant seat (seat belt install)

1. Guide the shoulder belt through the proper slots on the safety seat.

2. Buckle the seat belt on the other end and make sure that the car seat is at an approximate 45-degree angle.

3. You’re done!

Install the forward facing toddler seat (Latch install):

1. As with the infant seat, take the clips and latch them to the anchors in between the back cushion and the seat cushion.

2. Take the tether from the top of the seat and clip it to the anchor near the back window. Not all cars will have this anchor.

3. You’re done!

Installing the forward facing toddler seat (seat belt install):

1. Slide the seat belt through the seat belt path.

2. Buckle the seat belt on the other end.

3. You’re done!

Be sure to check that the seat is secure after installation.

Although the steps may sound simple, many people still install them incorrectly. Follow these steps and you can be a little less worried while driving.

How to Install a Car Seat Properly

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