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Stroller car seat carriers or snap and go strollers are a hybrid between the stroller travel systems and the infant seat/carrier/stroller. Essentially the stroller infant seat carriers are a baby carrier that snaps into a stroller frame or the stay in the car seat base. They are usually for the smallest children and few are forward facing.

The stroller travel systems tend to be for larger children, above 25 pounds, and are forward facing.

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Stroller car seat carriers and snap and go strollers are built with the young child’s need for a full reclining position. Like their bigger brothers, they offer three types of baby transportation for the price of one. The carrier is hand-held and can be used to carry the newborn and young baby before the child is sitting up. This carrier snaps or fastens securely to either a stroller frame or a car seat base anchored in the auto.

When fastened into the infant seat carrier base, the baby is backward facing, which is the safer position for a young child.

If you are thinking of buying a stroller car seat carrier there are a few items to consider. First, you will probably have to replace it in just a few months to a year because usually the weight restrictions are low. Make sure that you know what the weight limit is on any infant seat carrier you are thinking of purchasing. Also certain stroller bases only accept certain car seat carriers, so watch the model numbers.

Second, check out the recalls on the Internet on these systems. Just type in the model you are considering and “recalls.” This might save you a lot of headaches later. There are several models that have recalls, make sure the one you are considering, especially if you are buying it used, does not have a recall. Recall are only for serious defects or safety issues.

Third, make sure that it has a five-point harness system to keep your baby securely strapped into the infant seat carrier. And, make sure the infant seat carrier is securely fastened into the stay in car base. If you have any doubt on how to use the car seat carrier or how to fasten it into the base, take it to your local law enforcement station or hospital and ask for instructions. The trained professional will be glad to show you exactly how to keep your baby safe in your car seat carrier.

Fourth, inspect a real model before you buy it. If you intend to buy your infant seat carrier on line that is fine, but use the touchy-feely method of inspection first. Find a real one of the infant seat carriers you intend to buy and look it over. How sturdy are the latches and fasteners? Does the car seat base fit in your car? Does each portion of the car seat carrier appear sturdy enough?

Is there any possibility that you would not get all the fasteners snapped well enough? How easy it is to get securely latched? Do you understand how to install and latch it properly?

How about the padding? Will the child be comfortable?

This piece of baby equipment is very important. While none of us plan to be in an auto crash, we certainly do not want to have our baby injured because we did not latch in the car seat carrier correctly.

Stroller Car Seat Carriers

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