The Importance of Using a Children’s Car Seat

Despite the fact that it is against the law and fines are extremely high for not having a child in a proper child safety device, deaths still happen daily. A children’s car seat is more than a convenience, it is a requirement. Not placing your child in the proper seat could cost them their lives.

Many parents fool themselves into thinking that they can hold their child and keep them safe. This is absolutely impossible. When in a car accident, inertia and momentum increase your child’s weight so much that not even a professional football player could hold them. When you are at home or in the store, your child is safe in your arms, but in your car, they are only safe in their car seat.

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There is also the misconception that if you are “just going around the block”, that it will be okay. After all, you have made the trip several times, and it’s only a couple of blocks away. However, statistics have proven that most accidents actually happen within a ten mile radius of your home. Generally, we become more comfortable with commonly traveled routes, and therefore become less careful about our driving. In addition to this fact, you can never determine other drivers or car faults.

Another issue that comes up in keeping your child in a safety restraint is that you just need to take them out for a moment to feed them or to comfort them. That moment is all it takes to have an accident. If you need to remove your child from their seat for any reason, you should pull over on the side of the road, put on your emergency hazards and wait until you can return the child to their seat.

If you find that you cannot afford a children’s car seat, you can contact your local health department. They generally have free car seats to give out for qualifying families. If they don’t have them available, they can usually direct you on where to go.

Loving your child means giving what they need, and they need to be in their safety seat!

The Importance of Using a Children’s Car Seat

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