Ways to Hide Money in Your Car

Cash can be kept in your car, but it should be hidden creatively. Here are some tips for hiding money in your car.

Create a ‘marker pen’ safe. You can easily make a cheap safe for your car that will allow you to leave money or valuables in your car without anyone ever suspecting they’re in there. A safe in your car can be made to hide money.

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Fine or needle-nose pliers

A thick marker (e.g. Expo marker)

Paper towel

Paper money

Simply remove the end of the marker pen with a pair of pliers. Next, remove the ink cartridge and place it on a paper towel. A hollow tube is what remains. Now simply roll the money into the hollow of your marker, and then re-insert the end of the marker. Nobody will think to look for money in this marker.

Hide under a junk pile in your console. You can easily hide money in your car’s console.

Just tuck your money in your console between other things that may be in there! Research papers and CDs could be used to cover and hide the money and many other items. This money-hiding option is for people who do not prefer more concealed options.

Gloveboxes should be considered. A great deal of auto-related paperwork is kept in your glove box so you could easily create a hiding place there. If you hide money in your glovebox, conceal it well so it cannot be found by someone else!

A CD case will work well. A CD case is another place to hide money. A thief won’t consider looking for them in your car. A CD case is equivalent to a safe. Just put the cash under a CD, or between the CD’s sleeve cover. Concealed money is difficult to notice in a CD case, even by a thief, if it is stashed in the correct spots.

Another way to hide money is by using your seat pockets. In your car, using the pocket in the back of each seat is a great place to stow money. The pages of a book or other paperwork could have money stuck inside and put under the seat. Thieves will think it is just a book and won’t examine it more. This is one way you can hide money in your car which won’t be found during a robbery.

Ways to Hide Money in Your Car

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