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You can not think of anything to get the next baby shower for your friend? A car seat canopy is the perfect gift for a new mother. A what? A self-supporting roof consists of two sides and has sung the hook and loop fasteners on the carrier to attach to your car handle. And then leans over the seat, which completely covers your child. I'm sure every mother out there has struggled to do this with a blanket. The problem is that keeps falling with a blanket to blanket. It falls to the floor and dirty orfalls in the face of your child is crying. A sail that is tied to your supervisor, you never drops.

A canopy car seat offers a number of practical advantages.

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First, protect the child from the elements. If you go strictly into the cold stream only your child and then cover it with the canopy, and they will be fine. If it's warm and sunny, you keep it under the canopy, and you will be in shadow. Obviously, there is no way to protect your child to be in extreme casesPrognosis for a long time, but it works great if you are going from house, car and parking at the store.

Secondly, to sail around the car seat to protect the child from germs. We all know how dangerous it can be RSV for the child. The cap keeps your child covered and keeps germs. This is a very effective way to isolate the child from germs from other children.

Thirdly, it blocks your child from the wind. Children have sensitive skin so it can really be dried by the wind.Children can get dehydrated very quickly in the wind. The best prevention is to ensure they are covered and protected from the wind.

Fourth, keep the interior of the dark vector so that your child can sleep. It also makes it a bit "calmer. Your baby will sleep longer in a dark and silent.

The final advantage is that it keeps your child away from curious children who are a bit too harsh for a newborn. Innocent children are sometimes too rough for a child, but under the childof view, you can keep away most of them.

The canopy car seat attached easily. You just Velcro on the car seat handle, and then cover the car seat into the car hood. To keep the sail from the baby-face, all you need to do is, on the handle in an upright position.

Car Seat Canopy

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