Seat belt Safety Tips

Many people naturally take the importance of safety belts. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and has been shown in studies that a person is 50% more likely to suffer serious injury or fatal accident if the seat belt is not worn. The same study showed more than 18 billion dollars per year for medical expenses for those who do not wear seat belts spent. , Each year in the automotive industry are increasing the safety of new cars, but go a long beltedhow to be safe. Here are some tips that will keep you safe while driving.

1 – Passenger
More and passengers to wear seat belts. Even those who should have on the back seat. Many newer vehicles have sensors that warn you if the seatbelts are not used in a busy place. It just does not move the car, connected to all.

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2 – Do they really
A seat belt will not do much good, if not worn properly. Shoulder straps should be placed abovethe shoulder. If this is inconvenient to invest in a cheap shoulder pads. This will keep you safe and protect your neck and shoulder belt from rubbing. If you have only lap belts in the back seat of the car, make sure that all passengers and worn correctly. They will keep at the end makes it too slow, ineffective in the event of an accident.

3 – Replace damaged belt
Most newer cars with a material for the seat belts are not frayed or cracked.Nevertheless, the seat belts are not infallible. You may find that some fraying at the edges by time. These should be replaced. Attrition is a sign of weakness, and this band should not be trusted, to be in the event of an accident.
You should also consider the mechanism that holds the seatbelt in place. If this is not the tape is engaged at all, they should be replaced.

4 – Kids
Make sure children wear their seat belts properly. And "keep children safe in the back seat. Childrenunder 8 should be a special containment system designed for children. These restrictions usually seem to drivers, and crossing both shoulders and snap stood beside them. These are easy to install on each vehicle and are used with a standard seat belt. Children must be placed in a rear seat child before and never will be safe and to cope.

5 – Do not Double Up
You might be tempted to put two people in a band, are mainly used for the rear passengers. Do not do this. You must be designedcontain only one person.

6 – Myths
To know what is true and what is not. Many people think that pregnant women should not wear their seat belts, but the truth is that they are effective and rarely if ever lead to complications. It is not even certain whether an air bag on the counter for support in a crash. In fact, an airbag could cause more damage if you have a seat belt when not in use to use.

Seat belt Safety Tips

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