How to make a pillow stage (seat) for your car

Make a cushion stadium (home) alone is a good way to get your car an accessory, attractive interior if you can improve the look of your car. Stadium cushions can frequently at major events in stadiums and arenas, internal or external can be seen. This can certainly offer comfort when sitting on hard seats for you to avoid certain unpleasant feeling while driving or just driving.

Make a cushion stadium (home) is actually agood way to chase away your problem with hard seat Therefore, if you are a people who want to have comfortable seats, make sure to start your own and buy the following materials, a stadium cushion (seat) of the Employee:

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1st Material Vinyl / Fabric
2nd Vinyl wire
3rd Measuring stick or tape
4th Fabric Markers
5th Scissors
6th Needles Velcro
7th Foam cells
8th Sewing Machine (Medium Capacity)
9th Paper
10th Durable – plastic elasticSticks (It should be pretty difficult, but not brittle)
11th Garter

These are the steps you must follow in the production of a cushion (seat).

* Take measurements of your car seat. Get with the use of a tape measure to determine the length of the entire surface of the backrest and the distance from edge to edge.

* The measures you have taken a model of the surface of the cushion stadium (home) in a document, and then cut the film to the model, weshould a partner of vinyl. Do the same procedure for your back.

* After sewing the vinyl on three sides leaving one side open to serve as the entry point of the foam. Make some allowances allocated for the seam. Do the same procedure for the part of the back.

* Enter your foam on the inside and secure with Velcro.

* For the back, cut the plastic is stick with your back evenly. It is also possible to reduce half of its entire lengthYour pillow is not the same stadium back in the length of your seat. Remember, you need two sticks for the two sides of the cushion stadium will serve as advocates.

* Wrap the sticks with the use of vinyl in excess. Vinyl Tie securely and insert the key into the seat cushion that you have done.

* Finally, you bind the back cushion and the seat main stadium, that you have, where the seams are.

How to make a pillow stage (seat) for your car

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