The self Isofix child seat

Without a mandatory inclusion in 2006 for all new cars, is a standard ISOFIX system of the assembly, car seats, car, without the use of seat belts for adults can be accommodated. By eliminating the use of safety belts for adults, the risk is taken from a wrong installation, to help ensure that your child receives the best possible protection in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Now, as the safest form of travel for children, all new cars have universal ISOFIX anchorsat least two seats. In addition, to ensure that the points are universal ISOFIX requires three anchor points. Two of these points are in the seat where the back meets the base, and there is a third point is located behind the seat. The first two points are to keep the seat firmly in place, while the third (the point behind the seat) it is necessary to ensure the seat does not fall forward.

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The idea behind the ISOFIX system is simple, but soeffective – able to be any car seat for your child to buy (depending on age and height) and they fit in any car, anywhere. The seat can easily be transferred from the old to the new car, parents, grandparents, in a few seconds.

As all the seats are not currently using the ISOFIX system, and old car is not Isofix anchorages, there are several devices on the market to solve this problem, Isofix child seat as the base. This allows to use the seat to the ISOFIX systemSystem, even if the child car seat does not have the necessary ISOFIX points.

Surprisingly, the Isofix system actually dates from the early 1990th Unbeknownst to most parents, most of all cars produced in 1990 at least two anchor points (the two points between the base seat and backrest). The system was not marketed well and although some places for the Isofix system were established, the use of adult seat belt was still considered safer and more comfortableOption.

Find out if your car has Isofix is ​​simple – to be marked clearly. You can use the points by hand between your back and the base or the feeling, alternatively, the manual of the car or the car manufacturer.

In 2001, a survey showed that a massive 80% of cars tested could not be properly installed. ISOFIX now mandatory in all new cars, there should be a reduction of this number, leading to a reductionThe number of deaths and injuries related to car seat.

The self Isofix child seat

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