Smell of cigarette smoke Car Removal Guide

Since I myself smoking, I know how difficult it is to eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke out of the car's interior. Fortunately, over the years, I have some effective methods of neutralizing the odors, which found not only to smoking but also for other smells work. I can hear only the nagging words now: "Why not give up easily" echo in my head.

Without further ado, I'll explain some of the most effective methods for removing odor of cigarette smoke I've collected over the last 12Years of my career as a racing driver.

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1st Vacuum Carpet & Seats

First, you remove all the junk from the machine to delete a work environment. Pull the seats and under vacuum. Replace vacuum back and the rest of the interior – carpets and seats. If the vacuum has a soft brush attachment, use it to clean the dust from the holes and around buttons and switches. Use the tool slot to remove dust hard to reach small spaces.

2nd ShampooUpholstery

Use a machine for the production of hot water, like the George Numatic what I use is. E ', rather than a simple suction machine and has a lot of dirty water back out of the tissue extract. This particular model retailing at around £ 180, if I remember correctly. With a shampoo, the anti-tobacco formulas will help the smell, but does not always get rid of. If the machine is not for the production of hot water is available, or rent one for little money or use aAerosol shampoo from the local auto parts business.

3rd Odors are eliminated

To completely remove the smell of cigarettes, spray on one, enzyme-based odor counter spray that living organisms is that the proteins used to the smell of smoke.

4th Clean plastic

Clean the plastics of your interior with a mild detergent until all stains and dirt, when they removed. Immerse yourself in the detergent used ashtray itself, for an hour or two.


After 'above steps to prepare your car, odorless, ready to wear nail polish with your choice. Make sure the chemicals in hidden areas before to test it on the inside.

Smell of cigarette smoke Car Removal Guide

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