Baby and Children – Car Seat Safety

Most parents know that the seat is the safest way to have their child and most parents are traveling with them. The problem is that they use, in fact, about 80% of their car seat improperly and not know it. The simplest method is to correct errors, to ensure that your child is in the right child car seat for their age and are in the right direction.

Other common errors are that the straps are too wide or in the wrong position or the harness chest clipwrong position. A big mistake is to put the seat in front of the airbag. Some parents are not locking the seat belt properly and not with the closure clip for seat belts that lock automatically. Some are not the correct positioning of the seat.

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Make sure your child is in the right seat for their age. Children who are less than one year and less than 20 pounds must be in a car seat facing the rear of the vehicle. Many children reach 20 pounds before their first birthday havehas yet to rear-facing until their first birthday. The same is true for children, 1 year, but it's true or not 20 pounds, they still need to be looking at the back. If the child has reached one year old and 20 pounds, then you can sit in a car seat forward. Can stay here until they are 40 pounds.

If the child is more than £ 40 then they must be in a child seat belt routing. This is probably the place to stay until they are eight yearsold. The seatbelt must be used until the child be at least 80 pounds and 4 feet 9 inches. At this point you can use the car's lap / shoulder belt, if they are positioned correctly. The area to be on his side and not on her stomach. The part of the shoulder should be behind them all, do not rub their necks. All children must be 12 or younger in the back, if possible.

There are many things that parents needto check before your child safe in her car seat. Using the rear-facing child seat in the front or back of a convertible, you must ensure that the breast of the chest clip at armpit, is not through his stomach. The harness straps should be comfortable and not straight, twisted or loose. Deal is in the loop on the height or slightly below the shoulders of the child. The angle of the seat should be at a level of 45 degrees. Take your children from the back seat beforean air bag.

Forward with a view of your child, the straps on the back of your child or are positioned slightly higher. Parents should, with the set-top belt slot. The straps should be tight and dense and chest clips should be in the middle of the chest or armpit level.

Parents should avoid the seats that are retrieved, and is involved in an accident more than four years. Your car park should be no cracks, missing parts, instructions or sticker with theModel and production date. Read all instructions before installing.

Baby and Children – Car Seat Safety

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