Safest car seats – you can shocked

Be sold at the end of each car seat in the U.S., must pass through the product safety ratings and crash tests.

Despite these provisions, not all cars are created equal, and there is no way to find out how can we know which cars are the safest on the basis of these tests, manufacturers are not legally required to disclose information required. But at least we can be sure that every car seat sold in the U.S. meets or exceeds requirements.

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Therefore we haveConsumer Reports, car seats and that the evidence for its effectiveness in traffic accidents. However, it is worth noting that scientists have often discounted in these tests for reasons such as errors of the past, and also for what they see as poor parameters and poor reporting. However, Consumer Reports is still a good starting point.

Consumer Reports has written about his early decisions over the years. However, remember that even the safest child car seat in the world is only as secure as the user. If you do notproperly installed, or use it correctly every time your child travels in the car, then, of course, is not safe.

Consumer Reports recently conducted tests of eleven car seats to be addressed. Again the test were compared with the previous year, which had errors. All seats are to be complied with statutory provisions if the test, and if they lock assembly with a safety belt. Latch is an acronym for Lower Anchors and ropes for children). Once again, the United States 'system' do not testgives us an idea of ​​which models are the best and worst results.

Consumer Reports recognized and tried to understand what were the safest car seats with the addition of a classification system for user-friendliness and Fit to Vehicle. These two factors are important for a car seat safety. If the seat does not really fit in the car, unable to install safely. It is more difficult, the child car seat is installed, the more likely they did not fix the car seat safely and correctly.With these guidelines, Consumer Reports rated the Chicco Key Fit as a safer car seat. The second place car was safer Britax Companion.

At the same time, Consumer Reports rated Baby Trend Flex-Loc and Graco SnugRide as the best shopping. This explains the features you get for the price.

Safest car seats – you can shocked

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