Infant car seat – Different types and tips for installation

The doctor points out that the child must always go into a safe seat, but what is best for my son. Now, every situation is different and not all cars of work for each child. So here are some tips and facts about the different types of car seats that help you to buy the best car. If the child is at least 1 year old and weighs 20 pounds, they can go on in his car seat face. Although studies have shown that it is safer to drive for themrear facing as long as you do comfortably.

There are 5 types of car seats that can be used forward.

Car Seats

1. Convertible seats are those that can be used rear facing or running.

2. forward-facing child seats can only be in the same direction with a belt. These are for children weighing up to 80 pounds. You, the specifications of each model, as some only up to 40 pounds can be used.

3. There are cars that can be used in forwardbefore or as a booster. These are called combination in the direction of travel / booster seat. These cars can be used forward facing for children up to a weight of 40 to 65 pounds, depending on the model. Can such a car without a booster seat belts for children weighing up to use 80 to 100 pounds.

4. Some vehicles have come forward to discover your car sitting right in reading the manual the vehicle, the limits of weight and height for your car built. YouVary.

5. Travel west are a fairly new product on the market. It is a safe alternative for forward-facing child seats. Travel West can be useful if you have a vehicle with seat belts alone at the back seat. They are a great way to go from one vehicle to another, it is not necessary to take your car inside and out. Trip for children from the no longer used in a traditional house or car safety for children who simply can not go to stay in her car seat. They can be usedChildren from £ 20 pounds all the way up to 168th

Recommended settings for the front-facing seats

1. The car seat must be installed securely in the vehicle. The dishes should be light your child.

2. At the rear, the shoulder straps are in the slot at or below the shoulders of the child. To a convertible seat forward, move the belt on the slots at or above the shoulders of the child.

3. However, some carsbe the angle of the backrest recline.

4. Vehicles will be manufactured after 2002 should come with the latch system. This is used to protect a car seat. If they get it, should be used. Keeps the car seat safer than a bond of security policy. Please learn to use manual for your car, where the anchor tie in your car. Use your manual to learn or choose a safety seat, how you use this system with the car seat.

Always use the manual andYour special car seat while in use and installation. Remember, even if you think your child is old enough to drive with the seat belt alone, statistics show they are not. Even children from the age of 4 to 8 years should be in a booster seat. So, keep your child safe and use a child seat.

Infant car seat – Different types and tips for installation

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