Seat Designer, you can help protect against whiplash injury

The automotive industry is under pressure to produce and sell quality products amidst the economic slowdown of the global credit crisis and the growing awareness of environmental issues. An important factor in achieving this goal is, vehicles with high safety rating that protects both the driver and passengers to build in an accident.

Often this means a strengthening of the side walls and the crumple zone, and a good fit pockets of air quality and ABS braking systems. However, improvement of the seatDesign can also have a major impact on vehicle safety. Whiplash is a very common injury in car accidents and long-term, negative health effects sustainable. Cars help that will help reduce whiplash give its users a very valuable attribute.

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Car manufacturers are aware of the design of the seat and ask their suppliers to provide them with comfortable, safe and long lasting designs contribute to the use of cars. At the beginning ofMost customers are already required in the heating and cooling systems and an attractive appearance. This corresponds to a long list of requirements, especially when you add the factors that ergonomics experts believe it is important to support the driver and passengers while in their vehicles. In the past ten years, car seat designers a lot of time spent, the car seat perfectly, but were forced to consider a number of external factors such asRaw materials and fuel prices and the impact of globalization on the world market. Today, the car stops as light as possible is of great benefit to the economy of fuel, which means that the design of the seat must be in this factor means
However, one of the most important response of all, how good the seats under stress. There is no point in designing light, beautiful, economical, finically designed seats, if they fail protection in the event of an accident. AQuarter of all injuries sustained in a traffic accident caused by people driving in the back of another. All incidents, even if the rear ends often can not lead to the death of other cause serious injury. Of these serious injuries, studies show that whiplash injuries reported in 30-40 percent of car accidents. An important way to reduce this number to seats that have facilities suitable head restraint design. In America, a new mandate was introduced recentlyTo improve the design of the headrest and reduce the effects of whiplash in an accident at low speed. This is something else on the list to consider the designer to add, but if it helps protect those who use itself against potentially devastatingeffects accident whiplash very useful. Overall, the goal is to make the industry safer, because it is addressed to those who buy more of them and ultimately make the streets to be safer.
Seat Designer, you can help protect against whiplash injury

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