Grand Caravan Integrated Child Seats

Today I am on the safety of child seats built Grand Caravan speak. Yes, they are handy to have. No need to worry about forgetting to put the car seat a parent inside the other. Dodge claims are top of the line, but how secure are the facts?

What are the integrated child seats?
Grand Caravan Integrated Child seats are built into the back seats of many Dodge Grand Caravan. The child seats were introduced in 1992optional feature to help sell the Grand Caravan as a vehicle for the family. It's a great idea and many families were impressed by the car seat. They were intended for families with young children to help to save time and money to buy a separate car seat.

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Call of security or to enhance security?
The safety of child seats integrated Grand Caravan were tested in October 1997, when managing the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a booster seat for children. Dodge claimsthis was not a point of safety. That is, it was a safety improvement. The recall affects approximately 157,000 units.

What was the problem?
If the belt is dirty or sticky, it can be difficult to leave the child out. Then put it simply, if the child ice cream, juice drinks, or eats a fast-food hamburger, do not allow the release of the shoulder straps. Or maybe it is cleaned quickly enough before staining.

What will the owner, ifThey demanded the withdrawal?

Dodge was moving quickly to integrate this appeal to the safety of the seat Grand Caravan. For each owner, called them they sent two elements, the errors that were made to correct.

1. A video – There is a video tape that, as was to properly use car seats and says maintain the cars.

2. Harness Clips – The owners were also two belt clips and instructions for the proper way, sent to install it.

It is the safety of largeCaravan integrated child seats still in question?

The new models are 2008, with the latest gadgets and integrated child seats equipped with the package contained. I am sure that those who were issued 16 years ago? Yes, they seem to be. The new integrated child seats with belt clips of new construction in the coming session. In addition, they had no more security or even improving safety, remembers the last ten years. The safety of child seats built Grand Caravanare no longer a concern for the owners of these cars and Dodge trucks. Thus, consumers buy with confidence.

Grand Caravan Integrated Child Seats

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