Car seats for children – What is the safest for your child?

There are many places for children are available for you to choose from. The most important thing for me is the security … Have five grandchildren, it is essential that the use will be appreciated by my children very much and a 5-point harness. Properly installed and used will substantially reduce the risk to the baby and may even save lives.

By law, drivers are responsible for ensuring that passengers are properly set in sixteen years. E 'mandatory for allensure the transport of children that they are properly restrained and seated on a child's car seat, car seat or safety belts. This includes all workers, from babysitters to grandparents. Do not comply, this can result in a fine and demerit points on driving licenses.

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To install front-facing child seats ensure the safety belt, then put the weight of the body and lock the seat belt or Universal Anchorage System (UAS) belt.

Make sure that theShoulder straps are at or above child's shoulders. Straps should fit snugly, you should just be able to have space for a finger between the strap and the child's chest. Stay away from products aftermarket seat. May be in danger or have hard or sharp parts that could be the baby or other occupants in a collision have violated.

Starting a young person can sit in front of us, if he or she has reached at least nine kilograms (20 pounds). To prevent the forward movementin a collision, it is critical to use the belt attack as the manufacturer recommends. If the vehicle does not resolve to an anchor attack a car seat for children at the dealer or an auto repair shop installed on it.

Car seats for children – What is the safest for your child?

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