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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among children in the United States. In the United States in 2004 1.638 children aged 14 years and younger occupants died in traffic accidents and 214,000 were injured. Eight out of ten cars a resident in Maryland are set incorrectly or an important factor in these terrible statistics.

Place the baby in a car seatTo reduce the likelihood of injury or death significantly. But it is not enough in the car seat. The child must be secured and properly. With the appropriate forum for his height and weight is an important step. More importantly, your child must be detained in an appropriate manner and according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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Even before our children were born, we do our best for them. In preparing for a new baby is a common question from parents is, "WhatSeat is the best? "Kids in Maryland Safety Seats (KISS), explains:" The best security at home one that you can afford that fits your child and your car, and it is used correctly every time. "Not all child safety seats and vehicles are compatible, so the car seat is recommended prior to purchase installed. It is also very important to follow the car seat and vehicle manufacturer for installation.

Many parents make the mistakeTransformation of their child forward facing before it is needed. As we all know that the safest place for all children in the back seat, the safest position is rear facing. Many mothers think their children are happier because they can see better than driving. As a parent it is our duty to the safety and happiness in front of the tail at best protect the child's neck and spine to get. If your child is older than a year ago and heavier than the upper limit of the dishesremain backward-looking. Some cars can stay rear facing up to 33 pounds. The higher the weight, the safest, and this should be taken into account when buying child car seat.

Children on a booster seat if they are above the maximum weight, size and drive to move. Children under the age of thirteen years and weighing less than 100 pounds should always be transported in the back seat. If all these rules seem overwhelming, it can alsoCertified child safety seat inspection to answer your questions or technician to install the car seat for you. Visit / NearMamasHeart.html

Use the right car

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